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Silbo Gomero - Whistle as an Official Language

What makes La Gomera so unique is Silbo (Silbo Gomero, Spanish silbo - whistle) or the whistled speech used by the islanders. As incredible as it sounds, it’s true. Silbo Gomero belongs to the so-called whistled languages, which most often develop in mountainous areas and other inaccessible terrains. There are more than 70 communities in the world whose members communicate with a whistle. For example, the village of Kusköy in Turkey, then the communities in the Amazon, Oceania, etc.

November 10 - World Science Day

More than ever, the world needs science and all its findings. Since the year 2020 is marked until the end by the COVID-19 pandemic, this day will also have that mark in its slogan, which is "Science for and with society in the fight against the pandemic".

World Day for Audiovisual Heritage - "Our Window to the World"

Since UNESCO adopted this day in 2005, governments, film institutions, national film archives, radio and TV stations are organizing numerous public programs, seminars, lectures to point out the sensitivity and vulnerability of AV heritage. The fact is that with the development of AV record quality, the better and more expensive equipment is for its preservation.