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Kreševo and (or) the Origin of the Egg Shoeing Tradition

While walking through Kreševo, you will be greeted by narrow streets and a preserved medieval spatial organization, where you can see how people lived and traded and produced in one place. What gives a unique charm to the Kreševo čaršija are about two hundred years old traditional Bosnian houses, which still preserve the authentic look with shingled roofs, such as the ones still existing in Lukomir on the Bjelašnica mountain.

From the Depths of the Soul: Mountains in the Time of Corona

Our level of respect and admiration has grown even more this year. We realized that no matter how much we thought we were aware of certain values, we were still just at the beginning as if we were learning to walk again. Therefore, we decided to explore our homeland from scratch, visit other famous mountains and heights such as Visočica, but also spend a few days on the mountain with the highest altitude in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Maglić.

December 5 - World Soil Day

"Keep soil alive, protect soil biodiversity" is the theme of this year's World Soil Day 2020, which aims to highlight the importance of maintaining healthy ecosystems for the well-being of humans and all living things.

Silbo Gomero - Whistle as an Official Language

What makes La Gomera so unique is Silbo (Silbo Gomero, Spanish silbo - whistle) or the whistled speech used by the islanders. As incredible as it sounds, it’s true. Silbo Gomero belongs to the so-called whistled languages, which most often develop in mountainous areas and other inaccessible terrains. There are more than 70 communities in the world whose members communicate with a whistle. For example, the village of Kusköy in Turkey, then the communities in the Amazon, Oceania, etc.

November 10 - World Science Day

More than ever, the world needs science and all its findings. Since the year 2020 is marked until the end by the COVID-19 pandemic, this day will also have that mark in its slogan, which is "Science for and with society in the fight against the pandemic".