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The "Skakavac" Nature Monument

Prostor spomenika prirode “Skakavac“ nalazi se 12 km sjeveroistočno od grada Sarajeva. Ukupna površina zaštićenog područja iznosi 1.430,70 ha (oko 1,14%). Proglašen je spomenikom prirode tokom 2002. godine, na osnovu evaluacije prirodnih vrijednosti u skladu sa kategorizacijom IUCN-a te spada u III kategoriju. Sa planinom Ozren čini jedinstveni geomorfološki kompleks sa vrlo izraženom horizontalnom i vertikalnom raščlanjenošću reljefa.

Rabbi Moshe Danon or how Stolac became a significant city for the Jews

The character and work of Moshe Danon will be revived by Moshe Raphael Atias, known as Zeki-efendi, in the work “Sarajevo Megila”, written in Ladino, translated by Isak Samokovlija who made this great and valuable knowledge available to us. The tradition of pilgrimage to the tomb of Moshe Danon was also revived by Zeki-efendi, and it will be interrupted, unfortunately, by the Second World War. But after the complex has been restored, the tradition is coming back to life little by little. This is how the tomb of Moshe Danon becomes the only Jewish sanctuary in Europe, the second most important in the world after the Wailing Wall.


Stolac – A Treasury of the Over-centuries, an Open-air Museum, a Crossroad of Civilisations and much more

In the year in which tourism experienced a real cataclysm, the road took us to Stolac, to be inspired by the Letters of Gorčin, an event that gathered all the poetic intellect of the former Yugoslavia and to break the dream of the stone sleepers - stećak tombstones in Vidovo polje. The first feeling is that Stolac has been preparing to step on the tourist scene for a long time. You can feel it and see it on every stone that has been diligently laid years ago, but also in the desire that burns like the Herzegovinian sun of those young people gathered around the StolacX project, about which we will certainly write more, to position Stolac on the tourist map and bring it back to life. So let’s go in order, geographically.