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Na raskrižju civilizacija – Grad Stolac

Autor: Emina Kapetanović Kad me pitaju zašto toliko voliš Hercegovinu, ja kažem: „Pa Hercegovina je moja, ja joj pripadam cijelim...

Prokoško Lake as the pearl of the Dinarides

If there is a little New Zealand in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it would be this place, a lake located on the mountain Vranica near Fojnica. The place is incredibly reminiscent of the greenery and magic of New Zealand, and perhaps the fictional Shire, which we saw in the movie Lord of the Rings.

International Biodiversity Day - With nature we survive

Bosnia and Herzegovina signed the Convention on Biodiversity on October 4, 2002. In this regard, Bosnia and Herzegovina is assessed as a country with an extremely high degree of biological diversity, and this wealth sets it apart at the regional, European and global levels.

Livno Wild Horses - Photo Safari Yet To Become Popular

This part of Bosnia and Herzegovina is inhabited by Livno wild horses. They are not native wild horses, but descendants of domestic horses that once served the purpose of agriculture, and after being replaced by machines some fifty years ago, they remained living in the wild.

Blagaj – a refuge for spiritual refreshment

The Buna River is known as a unique example of underground karst water in Europe. These springs are most often located at the bottom of karst sections in which the karstification of underground channels from the surface to the interior took place.