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Trebinje - a city warming the soul and fondling the heart

In the far south of Bosnia and Herzegovina lies a city with 260 sunny days a year, Mediterranean climate, good people and excellent wine - Trebinje. When you come to Trebinje, my suggestion is to start the tour from what I call the "postcard of Trebinje", and that is the bridge of Ivo Andrić, which is located in the city center.

Kreševo and (or) the Origin of the Egg Shoeing Tradition

While walking through Kreševo, you will be greeted by narrow streets and a preserved medieval spatial organization, where you can see how people lived and traded and produced in one place. What gives a unique charm to the Kreševo čaršija are about two hundred years old traditional Bosnian houses, which still preserve the authentic look with shingled roofs, such as the ones still existing in Lukomir on the Bjelašnica mountain.

Blagaj – a refuge for spiritual refreshment

The Buna River is known as a unique example of underground karst water in Europe. These springs are most often located at the bottom of karst sections in which the karstification of underground channels from the surface to the interior took place.