GEOhub is a scientific educational site whose research nucleus comes from geography, its branches, and geography related sciences. Since its founding, GEOhub has been striving to provide scientific information, educational and entertainment content with the clear goal of promoting science, wanting to connect geographers and other researchers from various latitudes and longitudes. GEOhub was founded in 2019, in order to encourage and contribute to the advancement of science and scientific research through its active and proactive activities.



Our mission can be divided into two aspects: theoretical and practical. In the theoretical aspect, we want to bring geography closer to slightly older students and pupils as well as to show through educational and entertainment content how this science has generic use and we are in touch with it every day.

Besides providing the knowledge of the environment, the practical aspect is to emphasize the importance of protecting our environment, in order to find new solutions for many challenges and thus point out the pragmatism of geography.



Our vision is to gather curious researchers through fun and education to share all kinds of content, ideas, and thoughts that will serve as additional material for all science lovers, and those who want to become one. We believe that through lifelong learning we expand our knowledge about the world in general, and having this idea in our mind we want to encourage others to join us in the search for new and interesting content.