Livno Wild Horses - Photo Safari Yet To Become Popular

Livanjski divlji konji, Foto: Eldin Imamović - Ceycky

Author: Adi Operta

Photos: Eldin Imamović – Ceycky

In the southwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, northeast of the city of Livno is the mountain Cincar. In its surroundings, there are several karst fields such as Glamočko, Duvanjsko and Livanjsko. This part of Bosnia and Herzegovina is inhabited by Livno wild horses. They are not native wild horses, but descendants of domestic horses that once served the purpose of agriculture. After they were replaced by machines some fifty years ago, they remained living in the wild, since the owners let them live on vast karst fields thus showing respect to the horses. Continental adventure estimates that there are about 600 of them in the vicinity of Livno.

Since 2013, Livno wild horses have been protected by law. They used to be left to themselves, but for a long time, they have been taken care of by the Borova glava mountaineering association and the Livno Municipality. Livno is the only place in the world along with Iceland and Mongolia where you can see so many wild horses in one place. Livno wild horses have become a real tourist attraction of our country. If we have to specify closely their place of residence then it is Mount Krug. We believe that the photo safari is actually yet to become popular and that the first steps are already made, which laid important foundations for the development of the tourist economy in both Livno and in the entire area in general.

Livno Wild Horses, Photo: Eldin Imamović - Ceycky
Livno Wild Horses, Photo: Eldin Imamović - Ceycky

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