Gastro-Tourism and The World's First Food Atlas

Today's date (October 16) is marked as World Food Day. The General Assembly of the World Food and Agriculture Organization - FAO in 1979 adopted the celebration of this day due to the fact that food is a prerequisite for human survival and a basic human need.

The modern trend in tourism is the diversification of the tourist offer and the development of specific forms of tourism, such as gastro-tourism. Gastro-tourism involves travelling to certain localities and consuming local food products with the aim of gaining authentic experiences and feelings of a given area.

Given that modern tourists are much more educated, experienced and curious, interest in gastro tourism is constantly growing in recent decades and is a very important segment of the tourist offer in the world. This type of tourism helps to build a brand of a certain locality, attract more tourists and increase income.

According to estimates by the World Gastro-Tourism Agency, revenues from the sale of food and beverages represent between 15% and 35% of total tourist consumption during travel, and over 90% of tourists who have positive and long-term memories of certain localities are largely conditioned by positive food experiences. and drinks. Apart from consuming food and drinks, tourists are also interested in gaining knowledge about their preparation, buying the necessary products and even attending cooking lessons.


A very important tool in the promotion of gastro tourism is social networks, but also the Internet in general. Just a few days after many years of preparations, the project of the world's first online food atlas - "TasteAtlas" - has officially started working. The idea of the atlas is to promote local ingredients, traditional dishes and authentic restaurants. The site currently contains more than 10,000 dishes, drinks and groceries from all parts of the world, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, where 24 different dishes are listed. The site provides a geographical and visual display as well as basic information about the given culinary specialities. It is important to note that the atlas is enriched with additional content almost every day and that it is possible to leave reviews and classifications in the top lists.


The atlas allows you to easily search the database by entering the name of the country, city, region, food or drink while obtaining all the necessary information, led by restaurants where it is possible to try authentic specialities. TasteAtlas also offers recipes for some dishes.

Considering the fact that food is an increasingly important motive for tourists when travelling, it is to be expected that this atlas will have a significant contribution to the further development of gastro-tourism and will be of great help to all tourists looking for the most famous local specialities.


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