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International Biodiversity Day - With nature we survive

Bosnia and Herzegovina signed the Convention on Biodiversity on October 4, 2002. In this regard, Bosnia and Herzegovina is assessed as a country with an extremely high degree of biological diversity, and this wealth sets it apart at the regional, European and global levels.

"Let's Meet Bosnia & Herzegovina" - The First Children's Guide Through Bosnia and Herzegovina

The book consists of two parts - the first part was written by the authors themselves and refers to the general features of our country, while the second part are children's literary and artistic works from cities across Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the topic "My place is the most beautiful, and here's why!”. The children sent their works within the contest, which was organized by members of the association “Young Ambassadors” during the lockdown.

Independence Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Independence Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is celebrated every March 1, is one of the most important dates in its long history and the historic moment when the citizens, 64.31% of them, decided that Bosnia and Herzegovina should continue its future as an independent state and the state of all who live in it, regardless of their affiliation in any sense.

February 21 - International Tourist Guide Day

What makes this vocation so special are the stories with which the guide gives a different image of the place that tourists visit. The guide will give us the information that we will not always find in books and will brighten more our visit. Make sure you book a guided tour when you travel because that way you will get to know the place better and support the work of these ambassadors of culture.