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National Museum - Chest of Knowledge, Cultural and Natural Heritage

The National Museum, for which we can certainly say is the largest museum institution in our country. Not only that, the National Museum is the oldest cultural and scientific institution of the modern type in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The building in which it is located today was built in 1913, according to the project of Karl Paržik.

Počitelj Town - National Treasure of Herzegovina

After refreshing yourself with the local fruit and juice, you will step into a real journey to the Museum of Cultural Heritage because Počitelj is indeed the primordial historical treasure of our country. I doubt anyone remained indifferent to its beauty and uniqueness.

Life during polar nights at -50 degrees

Norilsk is often described as "the most depressing place" due to long and harsh winters and polar nights. Unfortunately, it is also an example of how much man can endanger the environment and himself for profit, but it is also an example of man's incredible perseverance and desire to tame nature.

Illegal Logging in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Worldwide, one of the most common methods for monitoring forest resources is through remote sensing, which uses imagery and other data collected aerially or via satellites. These methods generally rely on canopy cover (the top of trees as viewed from above) changing over time to estimate deforestation (Hansen et al. 2013).

April 26 - Chernobyl Anniversary

In this regard, we mark on April 26 World Day of Renewable Energy Sources, which aims to point out the need to research and apply renewable energy sources - water, sun, wind, geothermal sources, biogas, etc.

What Is the Significance of April 25?

On this day we celebrate World Arbour Day. The goal of the day is to plant as many trees as possible and educate about the importance of wood for man and the environment.