February 21 - International Tourist Guide Day

Author: Haris Hadžibaščaušević

International Tourist Guide Day has been marked every year on February 21, since 1990, when the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations decided its celebration. The aim of this day is to raise awareness of guides as important ambassadors and representatives of the place where they operate.

More than ever, the tourist guide’s vocation was affected by the pandemic, which left catastrophic consequences on tourism in general. Therefore, all the tourism industry has moved to virtual reality, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Guides around the planet regularly provide live online tours from various places, using the opportunity for promotion and giving us the opportunity to get to know a place with a simple mouse click and all that from the comfort of our home.

What makes this vocation so special are the stories with which the guide gives a different image of the place that tourists visit. The guide will give us the information that we will not always find in books and will brighten more our visit. Make sure you book a guided tour when you travel because that way you will get to know the place better and support the work of these ambassadors of culture.

On the occasion of the Tourist Guide Day 2021, free live virtual tours of cities, museums and other locations are organized around the world. In the capital of our country, numerous free tours are organized by the Association of Tourist Guides "Vučko", koji su također iskoristili priliku da posjete kolege iz Visit Jablanica, pritom obilazeći Muzej “Bitka za ranjenike” i upoznavajući se tako sa novim turističkim sadržajem u ovom muzeju, kao i drugim novitetima na prostoru Jablanice, o čemu ćemo detaljno pisati uskoro.

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