November 10 - World Science Day

Author: Haris Hadžibaščaušević

More than ever, the world needs science and all its findings. Since the year 2020 is marked until the end by the COVID-19 pandemic, this day will also have that mark in its slogan, which is "Science for and with society in the fight against the pandemic".At a time when, in addition to true information, various conspiracy theories are circulating on the Internet and other media, which are gaining a significant number of supporters with incredible speed, the aim of this day is to raise awareness in society about the crucial role of science for a peaceful and sustainable society.

The full name of this day is World Science Day for Peace and Development, and it was first celebrated worldwide in 2002 under the supervision of UNESCO, including world governments, numerous governmental and non-governmental organizations, scientific and other research institutes, educators, media, schools, etc. The reason for celebrating the day lies in emphasizing the role of science and scientists in the development of society, but also in informing the general public more and more about knowledge in the field of science and to be involved in science. Therefore, this day strives to point out to the public the need to be informed in verified sources and to be acquainted with the scientific results.

It is fair to say that the pandemic has, as never before, encouraged the entire population of the planet to connect with each other and encouraged international cooperation at a higher level in order to find a vaccine and appropriate drugs to end the pandemic. So, let’s keep up to date with all the happenings, because that’s what is expected of us in this challenging time.

What has science brought us? Perhaps the best answer is - everything. In the last few decades, the world has undergone tremendous changes in the fields of communication, medicine, technology and other sciences. The application of scientific achievements improves and facilitates our lives because new achievements are the driver of future changes in society. Therefore, the purpose of this day, in addition to the above mentioned, is to strengthen national and international solidarity in the sharing of scientific knowledge, to confirm the obligation to use science for the benefit of society and to point out the challenges we face.

One such example is the innovation of the bionic arm "Hero Arm", which gives people without this limb a new opportunity to get their lives back on track. The bionic hand works on the principle of signals received through special sensors and which convert them into hand movements. The arm is controlled by the same muscles that normally serve to flex and open the arm. Then, in order to close the hand, one should think of flexing the hand inwards, and in order to open it, one should think of the outstretched palm, to which the bionic hand really opens.

This year, UNESCO will organize an online round table on the already mentioned topic, and everyone who wants to participate in the discussion can join it with the hashtag #ScienceDay.


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